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Leonard Kopko

Licensed Agent, REIR

License #S.0072657


My Story

With over 12 years’ experience in both residential and commercial real estate,

Leonard “Len” E. Kopko, has demonstrated unwavering service and professionalism to his clients. Len recognizes the importance of putting his clients’ needs first and thus has established a strong repeat and referral client base.

Len often reflects on his past when he attended UNLV on an athletic scholarship: “I was fortunate enough to have a college scholarship wherein I was able to participate in college football and academics. I worked part-time with Hughes Aviation, which was a division of Hughes Tool Company. I learned the importance of gaining knowledge at every level while employing strong work ethics and professionalism.”

Len continued to carry forward his work ethics and professionalism into his own business which he started from the ‘ground up’ in Tucson, Arizona. After diligently developing and evolving his company into a success, Len sold his interest and moved back to Las Vegas. However, knowing the intrigue and freedom that being an entrepreneur brings-Len was drawn to starting a new business again. Len started a distribution and supply company catering specifically to casinos. This business allowed Len to comfortably live and vacation to Northern Nevada.

“It wasn’t very long before I realized what a wonderful place Reno and Lake Tahoe would be to raise a family, and since we had just started our family, we decided to move to beautiful Lake Tahoe. After five years of living in Lake Tahoe the warm summer evenings in Reno led me-here-to this wonderful friendly Valley. And, I’ve never looked back. We love it here!”

Len’s two sons were graduating from high school, when Len got the calling again. You see, Len was still a “Business Man”. Len recognized that the industry of Real Estate was actually at the very core of his interest and expertise. So, Len logically became a Realtor. “I have been involved in the real estate industry for a long time, and it is growing and thriving here at a rate that few other areas can only dream about. Therefore, if you secure me to represent you in your real estate transaction-as the buyer or seller-you can be assured of my utmost attention, expertise and professionalism that will last far beyond the close of escrow.”

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